Linda has recently been named Performing Arts Director for the international association, TEVERETERNO.

Nel ruolo di Direttrice di Performing Arts per l’associazione TEVERETERNO, Linda ha partecipato al BIENNALE DI VENEZIA di Architetture 2010.

November 21, the members of the Tevereterno team were invited to take part in the Italian Pavilion’s conference, part of the closing events of the 2010 Venice Architectural Biennial, “People Meet in Architecture.” Founder Kristin Jones, Art Director Carlo Ducci, President Lisa Lowenstein, Musical Director David Monacchi, Sculpture Barnaby Evans, and Linda as Performing Arts Director, presented the history, objectives, and future plans of Tevereterno.

Linda Foster Together With Tevereterno

TEVERETERNO’s long term objective is to create a non-invasive Visual and Performing Arts area on the banks of the Tiber River in Rome, the Piazza Tevere, between the Ponte Sisto and Ponte Mazzini.

Future projects include DAYS OF THE TIBER, Tevereterno’s Visual and Performing Arts Festival on the Piazza Tevere, in the fall of 2011.