Mind Moves, Body Moves, Spirit Moves.

MOVES represents a merging of Linda’s passion for art, harmonious exercise as the key to health, and the study of psychology. It is where the mind, body, and spirit move us toward a daily awakening of our full human potential.

Here Linda will share some of her own thoughts, feelings and creations.

You will also find links and contacts that represent creative approaches to self-expression — one of the key elements to true well-being and self awareness.


For days when the sun is amber on leaves
That shiver slightly.
A view of the lake like a saucer
Eons of security in its banks.
I ride and feel the ripple of energy in the flanks and withers
Sharing the earth that rises up through his hooves.
We gaze across the rim where eternity hangs like a haze on the horizon
and legions charged round the castles to the Roman Hills and on.
Alert, my mount flicks his ears, all taut
ready to join the ancient sounds I do not hear
as we descend the crater
to crystal blue and reflection…
Who could have imagined such fortune