Dancing…”It’s like talking to God.”
Wendy Whelan, Prima Ballerina, NYC Ballet

The expression of thoughts, emotions, feelings through the movement of the body, our body lanaguage, is as old as the human race. Throughout each stage of human development dance has been used to teach as well as to celebrate. Dance has been the vehicle through which cultural and historical information was passed from generation to generation before the written word.

We as human beings are born to dance. The language of the body is registered in our DNA, and without this physical expression the quality of life is diminished.

(photo: Linda Foster performing her choreography “A BRIEF STATEMENT”)

Teh Ultimate ART FORM

Each of us inherits her or his own dance, his own rhythm, her own timing. The dance can be highly formal, choreographed or improvised and informal. It may be performed on the stage before an audience, or expressed as we walk with flowing, rhythmical strides.

The spring and cadence of the horse and rider united in the execution of an advanced exercise of dressage is dance.

The precise combination of power, body control, and flow that enables a golfer to produce a perfect swing is a dance.

The stylized choreography of Tai-Chi repeated thousands of times in the life of a Master allows him, in a split second, to respond to any threat with an act of defence effortlessly and without conscious thought — this is a dance.

The painter standing before her easel, her whole body and mind involved in the tiniest stroke of the paintbrush, is dancing.

As the Eastern cultures and zen masters have known for centuries, LIFE IS A DANCE. The process of learning it is a lifetime.