MOVES is more than an organization, it is Linda’s Philosophy of wellness.  Decades of scientific research demonstrate that movement, whether it be an organized workout regime, daily activities such as gardening, walking to school, or simply getting up from your desk or computer regularly to stretch, are important elements of each individual’s wellness formula.

Linda’s motto, “Be the Best You Can Be!” goes hand in hand with the saying, “Just get up and MOVE!!”  But developing a wellness formula includes the mind, not just the body; it includes the spirit, not just the physical.

MindBody Integration is at the core of Linda’s approach to wellbeing; an approach that helps you learn to “think with the body and to listen to it.”  Whether it be in one of Linda’s high intensity Total Body Conditioning classes, a Classical Pilates session, a centering MindBody Stretch lesson or a flowing DanceShape course, you will move towards a more complete state of general wellbeing.

Linda Foster MOVES

La base della filosofia di MOVES di Linda e’ sempre stato l’organizazione delle lezioni individuali e di piccoli gruppi. Questa scelta costituisce la base, particolare, per il metodo Pilates perche’ garantisce un lavoro profondo e significativo.

Lezioni individuali permettono all’insegnante di spiegare nello specifico la base tecnica.

L’allenamento “one-on-one” offre allo studente l’opportunita’ di comprendere intellettualmente e di assimilare fisicamente le sfumature complesse del metodo Pilates.


Le sessioni individuali sulle attrezzature e a corpo libero (mat) assicurano che l’allievo sara` in grado di applicare consapevolmente i 6 Principi del Pilates:


LindaFoster MOVES offers private and small group instruction on Pilates apparatus and Mat, MindBody Stretch, and Linda’s signature class DanceShape.

Individual lessons are scheduled by appointment both online and in person.  Small group classes in various disciplines can be organized on request.

For information or to make an appointment for a consultation please fill out and submit the form in CONTACTS.  Linda will respond to your request within 24 hours.